State lawmakers seek to dedicate stretch of road to fallen Spring Valley firefighter

State and local lawmakers are pushing to rename part of Route 45 to honor fallen Spring Valley firefighter Jared Lloyd.
Lloyd was killed last March while saving countless people from a fire at the Evergreen Assisted Living Facility. A stretch of Route 45 from Eckerson to New Hempstead Road will be considered for dedication.
While he was a volunteer firefighter at the Spring Valley Fire Department, the Jared Lloyd Memorial Highway would run near Hillcrest's firehouse because of the bond shared between departments.
State lawmakers Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, Mile Lawler and Ken Zebrowski introduced the renaming legislation and are pushing for its passage.
They're also vowing to do more - specifically in regard to compliance with code enforcement.
The lawmakers say they expect the stretch of road to bear Lloyd's name either later this year or early next year.