State Sen. Ruben Diaz blames ending stop-and-frisk for increased crime rates

A Bronx politician says the city was better off when stop-and-frisk was implemented.
Sen. Ruben Diaz (D-The Bronx) fired off Tuesday on the recent spike in crime across the city.
In a letter posted on his website, Diaz says criminals are running rampant because Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton got rid of stop-and-frisk. "While there are those who will argue against stop-and-frisk, statistics show that crime was better controlled and the loss of life was decreased," Diaz says.
The words are strong for his constituents--many of whom still appreciate the fact that stop-and-frisk was abolished under the new administration.
Diaz says there is a reason the policy seems racially profiling. "Sometimes we don't want to hear the truth... It is our black and Hispanic people who are the ones committing the crimes," he says.
The state senator says he has gotten a lot of feedback, mostly positive, from his letter.