Stew Leonard's say it is stocked with items if another onslaught of COVID-19 panic buying begins

Stores across the United States are preparing for another onslaught of panic buying - similar to what was seen at the start of the pandemic.
Stew Leonard's in Yonkers says it is ready for a second wave as customers stock up on essentials.
"We stocked up on toilet paper, we got plenty of paper towels and napkins and all that stuff," says Stew Leonard's store director Felix Rodriguez.
It also has a warehouse full of water, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers.
Another item that was hard to keep on the shelves during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak was flour, with many people across the country suddenly discovering their love of baking.
"We have plenty of flour, we have plenty of butter on order. The milk, half and half, creamer," says Rodriguez. "We want our customers to be at ease, we want them to know that if it does happen, Stew Leonard's is prepared to supply the product that they need."
Stew Leonard's says it has also stocked up on smaller turkeys this year since more families will be gathering in smaller groups this Thanksgiving.