STORM WATCH: Power outages possible for Rockland County

Heavy rain and high-speed winds are slamming into Rockland County tonight into Monday morning. One commuters that News12 spoke with was very nervous about how the storm would impact her morning.
"Not looking forward to the morning commute because the bridge is going to be tied up, and than going over by the Saw Mill, uh, fun times," explained Kelly Madera.
Madera said she plans to leave extra early for her morning commute which takes her through Rockland County and into Westchester.
As conditions continue to worsen, Robert Sinclair with AAA says those driving tonight and tomorrow morning should use caution especially on roads that are not familiar. He also suggests being extra cautious around leaves because they can become slick from the rain.
"Makre sure your vehicle is prepared before you go out into these situations with special attention paid to windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid, and tires, explained Sinclair. He added, "making sure your tires are properly inflated so you can have proper traction."
The Town of Clarkstown said their Highway Department is ready to jump in and help. They have 14 crews on standby that can be called in, if needed.
Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann told News 12 that they are mostly concerned about the high winds causing tree damage and power outages. He said these wind gusts could be very problematic for them. Secondly, Clarkstown is worried about potential flooding.
Their team takes care of about 320 miles of roads. They say they repaired about 24 miles of road drainage this year while paving, and they're hopeful that will help with potential flooding.
"If we end up getting the type of rain they're talking about…there certainly will be road closures,” he said.
He also urged residents to call Orange and Rockland Utilities if a power line goes down.
Hoehmann and Clarkstown's Superintendent of Highways Bob Milone ask anyone who can stay off the roads tonight to do so.