Stressed while driving on NJ roads? This book will teach you how to remain calm

Driving on New Jersey’s roadways can send even the calmest person’s blood pressure and stress hormones soaring.
But there is a book that can teach even the most stressed-out drivers how to remain calm.
Solan McClean is the author of the 2016 book “Learning to Drive into the Now.” McClean is a meditation instruction who started applying techniques from mindful meditation to driving after realizing it was one of his most stress-inducing activities.
“It seemed like every time I talked to someone, they would tell me a story about traffic – about how pissed off they were or what happened to them,” he says.
The techniques he developed are laid out in his book and should be mandatory ready for all New Jersey drivers.
“I noticed for myself internally, it worked the same as a sit-down meditation did in the calming aspect.
McClean uses the letters representing park, reverse, neutral and drive on a vehicle’s gear shift as a handy acronym for the four steps of his method.
There is P for Practice. He says that drivers should concentrate on the practice of driving while behind the wheel.
R is for Relax. “When you relax your body, your mind will follow. Then you want to relax your breathing. Make sure your breathing is slow and deep,” McClean says.
N is for being in the “now.”
“It may be as simple as saying, ‘I’m going to feel my hands on the wheel,” he says.
D is for Driving. McClean says that if your mind wanders, you should bring it back to driving.
“Basically, driving is the meditation,” he says.
McClean's book is available at and there is also an audio version - which you can listen to while you are driving.