Sub-par SCA cleanup will put BX students in danger, critics claim

(12/04/06) THE BRONX ? Critics of a plan to build schools on the site of a former manufactured gas plant say the city is putting students at risk.
The site in question used to be home to a manufactured gas plant. The School Construction Authority (SCA) plans to initiate a $30 million cleanup project and build four small schools on the site. However, critics say the cleanup isn?t extensive enough. They want an independent engineer to come in and make sure the area is safe.
Residents near the site say they?ve already encountered health problems thanks to the building of a retaining wall. Some complain of dizziness and headaches. However, the SCA says critics are being closed minded. Part of the SCA plans for the cleanup include the removal of contaminated dirt, the covering of exposed areas and the monitoring of air quality.