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Suffern florist follows up with News 12 on 2-year anniversary of fire that damaged business

Pine Knoll Florist now has a pop up shop inside Licata Insurance on Lafayette Avenue.

Diane Caruso

Feb 22, 2024, 10:45 PM

Updated 94 days ago


News 12 caught up with a Suffern florist on the two-year anniversary of a damaging fire that started at a neighboring store in January 2022.
Pine Knoll Florist now has a pop-up shop inside Licata Insurance on Lafayette Avenue.
"For Aurelius to let me in here is huge. There's not much available here for rent in town," said Adriane Dianis, the owner of Pine Knoll Florist. "It's a godsend to have him let me do what I'm doing."
Her current setup is across the street from her old location that is still damaged from the fire.
As News 12 reported, the fire started at a halal shop and damaged the floral shop and other neighboring businesses on Jan. 12, 2022.
Dianis, who has been in business for nearly three decades, describes the last two years since that day as "very difficult."
"For a whole year, I could not work. I lost all my inventory. Lost everything. Now I'm back running," added Dianis.
She now relies on social media, word of mouth and loyal customers to keep flourishing.
Some of the other damaged businesses have opened nearby or elsewhere in the county. News 12 was told some businesses have not reopened.
The building is still boarded up since the fire two years ago.
"I don't understand why the building hasn't been remodeled, redone, reopened, because they had an amazing restaurant there, Mia's Kitchen," said nearby business owner Monica Deangelis from New Jersey.
"I went to Mia's Kitchen all the time. It was a great restaurant," said Adam, a Suffern resident. "I kind of miss it."

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