SUNY New Paltz cancels spring break for students due to COVID-19 risk

Students at SUNY New Paltz will be staying on campus this year for spring break, instead of going away.
Campus officials have canceled the typical week off from classes but say students will still get their days off.
Instead of having a week to travel, officials have scheduled five what they're calling Mind, Body and Spirit days throughout the semester. On these days, no classes will be held.
"We want to prevent our students from going off on a one-week spring break, whether it's to Florida or the beaches or their home community and bringing COVID-19 back to campus," said Donald Christian, president of SUNY New Paltz.
While only 18 SUNY New Paltz students have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 since late August, Christian says there was concern that students would take part in social gatherings if they had the typical spring break, especially in high-risk areas.
On these days, students can rest, catch up on work or safely enjoy hobbies: Feb. 9 and 24, March 11 and April 9 and 19.