SUNY New Paltz students surprised posters of Israeli hostages were torn down and destroyed

A school sophomore told News 12 she and a friend decided to put up about 60 posters of the Israeli hostages before they were ripped apart.

News 12 Staff

Oct 27, 2023, 8:33 PM

Updated 266 days ago


Students at SUNY New Paltz said on Friday they were very surprised to hear the posters of the Israeli hostages were ripped down and destroyed.
New Paltz sophomore and Dobbs Ferry native Angelina Palumbo told News 12 that on Wednesday, she and a friend decided to put up about 60 posters of the Israeli hostages.
Palumbo and her friend hung the posters on light posts and in common areas where the posters did not need a stamp of approval from the Student Association.
When she went to check on them after class, Palumbo found them torn down and destroyed.
Some students said it was wrong for them to be destroyed.
"People should be able to feel how they feel, put up what they want to put up, and I feel like that's disrespectful of them," said student Giovanni Rodriguez.
Other students blamed hatred.
"I wasn't surprised, but it's hard because these people that are doing that. I think it does stem from hatred. I don't think it's necessarily people trying to be woke," said Lily Diamond.
Both Jewish and Muslim students told News 12 the one thing they said is that if there is any contention between the two groups, if there is any sort of conflict, it's a conflict that's fought online and not on campus. They said they see all kind of attacks, inflammatory remarks, and hatred vitriol online from people with strong opinions.
"They have pretty strong opinions and don't necessarily know enough about what's going on to have those strong opinions and speak out about it and post things on social media that they really don't know much about," Diamond said.

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