Suspected triggerman escapes murder charges in Wallkill bar shooting

A man originally believed to be the triggerman behind a deadly shooting at a Wallkill bar escaped murder charges Wednesday and was instead indicted on a weapons possession charge.Police say Corey Inniss was found with a loaded gun on November 25th, the night Jamar Nelson was gunned down outside KJ?s Tap Room. Prosecutors say even though Inniss was at the scene with a gun they don?t have enough evidence yet to charge him with Nelson?s murder. Inniss could still be indicted should DNA and ballistic evidence link him to Nelson?s death.Inniss? attorney says his client didn?t shoot at anyone, but was playing peacemaker. Police say they recovered three guns at the bar. Investigators are testing the guns. If convicted on the weapons charge, Inniss faces up to seven years behind bars.