Take a magical and mystical trip to Innisfree Garden

Put a pause on life for a moment and take a Road Trip: Close to Home to a magical landscape tucked in the Hudson Valley.
Innisfree Garden is a 185-acre Eden distinctly designed in Millbrook in Dutchess County. “It’s very peaceful. It’s an incredibly serene environment,” says Laura Palmer, executive director of Innisfree Garden
Tyrrel Lake is the garden’s centerpiece. It’s surrounded with a walking path that takes you on a tranquil trip past waterfalls, mystical gardens, and more. “People really are encouraged to take their time, take the paths that speak to them, but the walk around the lake for the first time visitor is, I think, the best way to start to explore Innisfree,” says Palmer.
You’ll see how native plants thrive through the mist and trickle of picturesque waterfalls.
Along your walk you’ll find a terrace that not only does it feel as mystical as it looks, but, you’ll also find a different perspective. “There are great views up there, quiet places to sit there beautiful, get some really beautiful breeze, there’s a few additional water features there,” says Palmer.
You’ll also notice a nod to ancient Asian art — part of what makes this garden so special. Between the rolling hills and endless green scape, this Hudson Valley jewel will have you feeling like you’re a world away.
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