Teens helps track down owner of engagement ring lost 2 years ago on the beach

An engagement ring lost on the beach two years ago and believed to be gone forever has made its way back to its owner thanks to the honesty of a New Jersey teen.
Brianne Sinks, 18, found the ring Saturday during a beach sweep in Asbury Park. She says that she thought that it was a bottle cap – instead, it was a ring worth more than $5,000.
“I didn’t think I was going to find that,” she says.
Sinks and her mother found markings on the ring and traced it back to Gabriel & Company, who then found it was purchased by Bentley Diamond in Wall Township, who contacted the buyer - Tony Silva.
“I’m beyond thankful for that, honestly…I was just extremely thankful for the situation to be happening,” Silva says.
Silva says that he bought the engagement ring for his girlfriend in 2016 but that it was lost during the Fourth of July weekend.
“I can't believe they found it. Something so small would sift down and find its way in the sand and here we are probably a little over two years later and to be able to find it, I’m so thankful,” he says.
Sinks says returning the ring was the right thing to do.
“I feel like I need to return this to the owner. They deserve it they purchased it, it's not mine. So, I was like I should return this and not keep it for myself,” she says.
For her efforts, Bentley Diamond gave Sinks and her mom some special gifts. The owner says that in 40 years of business, she has never seen a reunion like this.
“Sometimes doing the right thing can really go beyond making someone's day...you can't beat that when you're doing something for somebody else,” says Bentley Diamond employee Joanna Sherman.