The Real Deal: Memorial Day savings on gas and alcohol

It's Memorial Day weekend and there's two big costs that come with that - gas and alcohol.
News 12's Kristie Reeter talked to the experts to find out how you can save on both this holiday weekend on The Real Deal.
The good news for people celebrating Memorial Day is that prices have come down in some key areas, according to Caleb Silver, or Investopedia. Most notably, gasoline is down 12% from last year. Propane, kerosene and firewood those prices are down 3.5%, ground beef prices down over 2%. On the other side, hot dog prices are up a little over 2% and alcoholic beverages up 4.6% year over year.
To cut costs on alcohol, take a look at the mini bottles. For big parties, look for smaller producers offering discounts and buy in bulk.
Also, see if the store offers tastings. That way, you can see what you like before buying a whole bottle.