The sky is the limit to all the fun at Bounce Trampoline Sports

Reach for the skies on this Road Trip: Close to Home at Bounce Trampoline Sports in Poughkeepsie.

Compete with your friends at dodgeball or shoot some hoops with a little help reaching new heights!

Jump as high as you can and even perform a trick or two while you're at it.
Then hop on over to the foam pit and launch into a colorful abyss.
"It's kind of a get fit, have fun mentality. If they can walk, they can have fun here -- the trampoline-based activities are really fun for all ages," says owner Bill Merill.

"I'm here with my 4-year-old and again -- burning off that energy -- it's crazy!" exclaims parent Will Jordan.

Those who are looking to add even more of a skip to their step — must give Bounce Extreme a go!  It's an obstacle course with a trampoline base. That way -- if you fall -- you can hop right back into it.

Then bounce your way over to the arcade where the competition is up to you!

As they say - the sky is the limit to all the fun at Bounce.