Town of Greenburgh braces for potential flooding in wake of snowstorm, incoming downpours

According to the most recent weather forecasts, heavy rains and high winds are expected to hit the region by Tuesday afternoon.

Carol Wilkinson

Jan 7, 2024, 10:05 PM

Updated 194 days ago


Town of Greenburgh officials are concerned for potential flooding in the aftermath of the year's first snowstorm and ahead of torrential rains on Tuesday.
Heavy rains and high winds are expected to hit the region by Tuesday afternoon.
Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said Sunday Greenburgh is making every effort to be ready. He urges residents to ensure drains are clear of leaves and debris and anything that could increase flooding.
With a history of battling floodwaters that have caused extensive damages and destruction in the past, there are several areas of the town that are particularly vulnerable.
On Sunday, Gov. Kathy Hochul warned New Yorkers that difficult travel conditions and flooding could be made worse by the heavy rain and melting snow. She added the inclement weather could also lead to river flooding, as well as localized urban and poor drainage flooding.
Flooded areas in the Town of Greenburgh will likely need financial assistance.
Feiner said the town has money in the budget that has been allocated. He said $2 million a year will help the Department of Public Works address drainage issues and flooding.
News 12's Carol Wilkinson's 4 p.m. Thunderbolt report on the road conditions in Greenburgh as the storm came to an end.

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