Thousands of dollars worth of ?shrooms? confiscated in Orange County

More than four pounds of the drug known as 'magic mushrooms' is off the streets in Greenwood Lake.Two separate drug busts were made Saturday as the culmination of months of police work concluded. The first occurred in the parking lot of the Greenwood Country Motel. Ian Clark, 21, of Warwick, and James Mosser, 21, of Greenwood Lake, were both arrested. Police say Clark revealed he had set up another drug transaction in the CVS parking lot in Greenwood Lake. That?s where police made their second bust and arrested 21-year-old Andrew Heitman. Authorities believe Heitman was supplying Clark with the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Greenwood Lake police are now working with authorities in Boulder, Colorado. They believe a dealer there was Heitman's main supplier.