Thousands of East Ramapo students still without devices during remote learning

Thousands of students in East Ramapo Schools still do not have Chromebooks and others have no access to the internet as several schools in the district have moved to remote learning.
East Ramapo Schools has committed to providing each student their own device to learn at home.
As of now, school officials say they are still short of 5,000 Chromebooks due to COVID-19-related delays. That shipment is expected to arrive in December.
The student population is mostly made up of students of color. Many parents say they do not have the resources to buy laptops for their kids and that they are often left behind.
The Spring Valley NAACP is sounding the alarm, saying something needs to change.
The district promised each family one laptop, which is a problem for families with more than one school-age child.
Zolla Chimborazo says she has two children in the district, meaning one child has to use a smartphone in order to learn.
In a Board of Education meeting last week, the superintendent said they have been reaching out to other tech companies, such as Dell.
Now the district is anticipating the delivery of devices for students within the next couple of weeks rather than the original December delivery date.
About 800 Chromebooks are expected to arrive early next week it is unclear which of the 5,000 students in need will receive the laptop first.