Another wet weekend puts spotlight on flooding woes in the Hudson Valley

News 12's Lisa LaRocca is in Thunderbolt 12 checking on flooding trouble spots across the Hudson Valley.

Lisa LaRocca

Mar 25, 2024, 10:29 AM

Updated 119 days ago


If you were concerned about navigating today, worry no more – the roads are dry and the floodwaters have dissipated, bringing welcome relief after a rough weekend.
Saturday's inclement weather provided a perfect excuse to stay indoors. Unfortunately, not everyone heeded the warnings.
On the Bronx River Parkway, a man drove past road closure signs and found himself trapped in rising waters, requiring Yonkers firefighters to come to his rescue. Firefighters, equipped with wet suits and secured by ropes, entered the water to rescue the stranded individual, ensuring his safe transfer onto a rescue boat and across the parkway.
Residents of Primrose Avenue in New Rochelle found themselves trapped by floodwaters, exacerbating an ongoing issue that has worsened over the years.
"We've had company at the house. It's really embarrassing when you got to tell people - please don't flush the toilets here because you're going to have to wait until it recedes enough and the sewers aren't backed up," says Karen Bella, of New Rochelle.
Throughout the area, roads had to be closed off on Saturday due to flooding. However, Sunday's sunny weather provided the opportunity for the waters to recede, and by the start of the workweek, the roads were mostly dried out, facilitating smoother travel.
Flood-related matters will be discussed at tonight's Board of Trustees meeting in Mamaroneck, where residents also faced challenges over the weekend due to adverse weather conditions.

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