Tips to navigate a wedding showcase while planning for the big day

By Sarah Kirkup, Digital Producer

Are you and your partner newly engaged?
From venue searching to dress shopping and cake tastings, there is a lot to do while planning a wedding.
One way to find information on the latest styles, different vendors and the best deals, brides and grooms can check out wedding showcases around the area.
However, some may find the showcases overwhelming. Here are some tips from Wedding Warehouse owner Heather Cunningham to navigate a bridal showcase.
  • Make an email account designated for wedding-related content. This will help you stay organized while you are flooded with information from vendors that you meet.

  • Don’t go with a huge crowd. Although it may be fun to bring your whole bridal party, it can be overwhelming and stressful if too many people tag along. Just bring your future husband, maid of honor or even just your mom.

  • Don’t be shy – All of the vendors are super friendly and are happy to answer all your questions.

  • Bring a notebook. You’ll want to jot down notes as you meet each vendor. Make a note of who you would like to contact moving forward!

  • Bring a small bag and comfy shoes. Vendors will be giving you handouts so make sure that you have a bag to put everything in. Some vendors may even hand out tote bags to help carry your new supplies.
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