'Together Apart' tips to keep your loved ones closer in the time of coronavirus

By Sandrina Rodrigues, News 12 Digital
As we all adapt to a new age of socially distancing, we have started thinking of new ways of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones while apart.
My family, split between two continents, has some experience with this - my parents met my son for the first time through a video call. In January, we got “together” to sing happy birthday to my dad through WhatsApp video.
So what other activities can you take part in while apart? Here’s a list:
Dinner date: Set up a time when everyone will be having dinner. And start your video calls. Use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype for group video calls. Does it matter that you’re having different types of food? Of course not! Talk about what you’re eating. If you live close - you can help your local restaurants by ordering from the same place. Or cook your meal together!
Watch movies/shows together: Have a TV night together. It’s easy - pick a movie or show and talk on the phone or FaceTime while you watch! A few weeks ago, my friends and I texted each other our thoughts while Nik Wallenda crossed over the Masaya Volcano on a high-wire. There’s even a Google Chrome extension that helps you watch Netflix in sync with your friends.
Here’s a list of 20 highly rated movies on Netflix and Hulu to watch:
Virtual dance party: Can’t go to the club? Start a virtual dance party with all of your friends, and all of your friends' friends. Here’s the example of one from last weekend:
Watch a virtual concert: Artists like John Legend are performing virtual concerts via Instagram. You can sing along while on the phone or video chat!
Start a virtual book club: You can get creative with this one. Use online surveys, like Google Forms or Survey Monkey, to select books for your group. Hold your remote reading sessions and discussions on group video calls. And check out Goodreads for many book club tools.
Play video games together: Minecraft, Fortnite are just some examples. There are even games that only require an app on your phone, like Words With Friends. Pogo also offers multiplayer options for free.
Write letters to each other: The post office is still delivering mail! So why not write letters to each other? Write about the silver linings in your life right now. Just remember to keep six feet away from other people when you go to the post office. And wash your hands after getting the mail. If you need stamps - you can even print them at home from Stamps.com.