Tornado victims asked to report uninsured loss to county

Communities hard hit by last week's tornado are tallying up their losses as Westchester County officials try to reach the dollar amount needed to be declared a federal disaster zone. A blue tarp now serves as the roof of Dr. Ashok Soni's home on Stevens Avenue in Hawthorne. The tornado lifted up the entire roof and left behind a mess in his home. The local dentist thinks his homeowner's policy will help him rebuild, but all the debris in the yard may be another story. It?s that type of uninsured loss that county officials want to hear about. Officials are asking municipalities, homeowners and businesses to report those costs to their local town or village. Those figures could help Westchester be designated a disaster area. The federal government sets a minimum of $2.7 million in loss before it will consider an area a disaster. Related Information: Tree cutting services see booming business after Westchester tornado