Town: Monsey school operating as camp despite expired certificate of occupancy

A private school in Monsey is apparently operating as a summer camp illegally.
The town of Ramapo says that Congregation Bais Chinuch Ateres Bnos has a temporary certificate of occupancy that expired back in 2016.
When News 12 went to the site on Route 306, there were no posted signs from the town that said the school should not be occupied.
The town did admit that the school failed an inspection, so News 12 went to find out why Ramapo hasn’t forced them to leave.
Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael Specht says under the law, they can only do that with a court order. He says the right is limited to a state Supreme Court judge.
The town did file a lawsuit against the school in February for not having a certificate of occupancy and a slew of safety violations, including no running water. It then filed a court order to shut them down in June, but Specht says it's pending before the court.
A recent Health Department inspection also found violations in the school, including no carbon monoxide detectors and missing floor tiles.
Ramapo says a fire inspector is expected to be back in the building this week.
Reuven Weinstein, who lives next door to the private school, says he is worried about the safety of the 300-plus girls who are attending summer camp at the building.
"At best, they're turning a blind eye. At worst, they're doing it with a wink and a nod,” he says.
Documents show the school's attorney says they believe the town has taken action against them as a consequence of “neighborhood pressure and media publicity.”