Traditional Irish delicacies easy to find along Yonkers’ Emerald Mile

Oliver Charles is the owner of the butcher shop and comes from Ireland. He said he opened his business to provide the community with all the Irish delicacies anyone could ever want.

Jade Nash

Mar 17, 2024, 4:38 PM

Updated 70 days ago


McLean Avenue, also known as the Emerald Mile, is the place to be while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Yonkers.
Oliver Charles, co-owner of The Butcher's Fancy, comes from Ireland and sells pretty much any traditional food from his home country that you could imagine.
"The bacon, the blood pudding, the white pudding, all that stuff – the Irish cookies, the Irish bread, the soda breads," Charles said.
On St. Patrick's Day, you cannot forget about the corned beef. Charles said it's his biggest seller.
"I would say I [have] sold about 3,000 pounds," Charles said.
Eating corned beef is one of the reasons why Thomas Traudt, a patron on the street, said he loves the holiday so much.
"It's one of the best days of the year," Traudt said.
News 12 caught up with Traudt and his friends at Rory Dolan's Restaurant & Bar where bartenders were busy pouring perfect pints of Guinness. If you want to do the same, here's what the experts suggest:
"The tips I recommend is pouring it halfway, stopping, let[ting] it settle a little bit, and then wait probably a minute and a half, and then you finish it off," James Carroll, a bartender at Rory Dolan's, said.
If you can't make it to McLean Avenue this weekend, the street will host the 2024 Yonkers St. Patrick's Day on March 23.

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