Traffic cops accused of breaking laws to fill quotas

Riverdale drivers are accusing traffic cops of acting recklessly and breaking the law in order to dish out tickets.
Faye Fisherman says she's seen dangerous behavior first-hand. The motorist says a traffic cop cut her off and caused her to stop short in a no standing zone.
"I feel like it was done strictly for money," says Fisherman. "She would do anything to get her quota."
Angry citizens have the backing of some local politicians.
"If people are doing something illegal, then they deserve to get tickets, but we should not create a situation where people are getting tickets for silly reasons," says Rep. Eliot Engel (D-17th District).
Engel says he's received other complaints in the past few weeks. He recently sent a letter to the commanding officer of Bronx Parking Enforcement as a reminder to operate according to the law.
The congressman says he has not received a response yet. He intends on making persistent calls and writing more letters until he considers the matter resolved.