Trainer offers insight into what it takes to be a top dog at Westminster Dog Show

Day three of the Westminster Dog Show was held in Tarrytown Tuesday, and News 12 got a look inside the event at Lyndhurst Mansion.
The Westminster Dog Show is the second-longest, continuously held sporting event in the U.S. More than 200 dog breeds are participating this year.
Victoria Harris, from Phoenix, says as a nurse she believes it's most important to breed healthy dogs - and that's what the Confirmation event tests. 
"The judge is picking the dog in the breed that is most like the standard,” Harris says. 
She says her beloved Maltese requires a lot of work.
"He stays in coconut oil when he's not showing and he gets full body wrapped every other day,”  Harris says. 
The Russian toy, of the toy group, and the Mudi, of the herding group, are two new breeds included in this year's show.