Trump: More than 1 million Americans tested for coronavirus; more than any other country

-The U.S. has reached 1 million tests. No other country has tested that many people. The U.S. is testing 100,000 a day, President Donald Trump said.
-Abbott has created a 5-minute "accurate" test, according to Trump.
-The FDA has authorized a product that can disinfect the N95 masks. Will be shipped to some states, including New York.
-Work has begun on temporary hospitals in New York City, including one in Brooklyn and Wall Street.
-60 ambulances are being sent to New York City. 190 more will be sent to other places.
-Ventilators, face shields, N95 masks and more PPE are being delivered to different states.
-Ford and General Motors will produce 50,000 ventilators in less than 100 days and will be sent to other countries, according to Trump.
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