Trump National Golf Club in Westchester facing criminal investigation

Former President Donald Trump could be facing more legal trouble.
Multiple reports say the Westchester County District Attorney's Office opened a criminal investigation into Trump's financial dealings at Trump National Golf Course in Briarcliff. 
The Westchester DA's Office has apparently subpoenaed financial records from the former president's company. Apparently, the multimillion-dollar property isn't worth what it used to be, at least for tax purposes.
Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah is looking into whether that practice broke the law by misleading officials on how much the property is worth.
In July, the Trump Organization reached a settlement with the village of Briarcliff, its school district, the town of Ossining and Westchester County for an almost $900,000 tax refund going back six years.
Trump claimed the luxurious property was worth just $1.4 million. However, in federal disclosure forms, Trump claimed the property was worth $50 million.
The question to be answered is whether the deal is a break for the club or a break in the law, at a time when any investigation is seen through a partisan lens.
The Trump Organization responded to this report Wednesday, highlighting the fact they did reach a settlement with these four taxing entities but also called this reported investigation, "the suggestion that anything was inappropriate is completely false and incredibly irresponsible. The witch hunt continues."