Turn To Tara: Hastings neighbors say officials broke promises about James Street safety measures

News 12's Tara Rosenblum is revisiting one of Westchester’s river towns to investigate if promises that officials made about making safety measures on a dangerous road have been fulfilled.
As News 12 previously reported, neighbors in Hastings have said that a traffic problem on James Street is a tragedy waiting to happen. With mounting complaints from homeowners, News 12 decided it was time for a follow-up.
Neighbors say the school year is already off to a bumpy start on James Street, and that promises of safety measures were broken. The Thomas family and their neighbors first reached out to News 12 at the start of the summer with complaints of chaotic traffic outside their Hastings home.
They say that their children were forced to navigate down narrow roads that were designed for residential traffic decades ago.  It now has several hundred cars an hour, thanks to driving apps like Waze helping people avoid congestion on the nearby Saw Mill River Parkway.
Back in June, Mayor Nicola Armacost promised News 12 and residents swift action, saying she hoped to have a report in the next two weeks.
Community members say that five months later, nothing much has changed.
Village leader says the problem has not gone ignored.  They told News 12 via email that conversations with a traffic engineer continue as they consider the possibility of new crosswalks and U-turn restrictions, while balancing concerns from neighbors on surrounding blocks.
In the meantime, they implemented a short-term measure, limiting truck traffic in the area. Homeowners say the plan hasn't helped at all.