Turn to Tara: Savvy travel tips to cut costs this holiday season

As the bustling holiday travel season approaches, soaring airfare and hotel expenses may cause concern.
However, the Turn to Tara Investigation team has uncovered straightforward methods to prevent overspending on your next excursion, utilizing a tool you likely use daily.
According to Neal Wertheimer from AARP, Americans' enthusiasm for travel remains robust. He notes, "There's not like one six-month period of travel that everyone says 'I'm done for a while.' There's going to be demand for a while."
For those planning holiday travel, brace for potential sticker shock. Hotel room rates and airfare are anticipated to reach record highs this year, driven by ongoing inflation, increased demand, and staffing challenges.
The Turn to Tara team has identified practical strategies to economize on your next trip. Commence by leveraging your calendar, a familiar tool. Did you know that booking airfare 28 to 35 days in advance can yield savings of hundreds of dollars? Wertheimer advises, "That would save you ten percent or more than if you try to wait until within a few weeks of your departure date at the same time."
This advantageous approach is made possible by 'dynamic pricing,' where airlines continuously adjust prices in response to market dynamics. Another insider tip: booking flights on Sundays can lead to additional savings. Wertheimer recommends, "It was five to 15% cheaper than for the same flight trying to book it on the prior Friday."
Wertheimer also emphasizes that savvy choices extend to lodging. Opting for independent hotels, rather than chain establishments, and communicating directly with the manager can facilitate negotiations for favorable rates. This approach bypasses intermediaries, allowing travelers to secure better deals.
While platforms like Expedia.com, Bookings.com, and Hotels.com can negotiate competitive prices with hotels, they also entail a commission. By reaching out directly to the organization, travelers can potentially retain those savings for themselves.