Utility companies brace for winter storm following recent deluge

Utility companies throughout the Hudson Valley are gearing up for another winter storm tonight as the region is still grappling with the aftermath of heavy rains that led to flooded roadways and power outages for thousands of homes.
As of now, the majority of Orange and Rockland (O&R) customers have regained power, with only 25 customers remaining without electricity.
However, utility companies remain vigilant about the potential impact of strong winds. Last week, News 12 caught up with a crew in New Rochelle trimming dead limbs from trees as part of a year-long program by Con Edison, which involves pruning limbs and removing dead, dying, and diseased trees.
O&R also conducts a similar program, trimming about 1200 miles of the utility company's transmission lines annually. With the ground saturated from recent rains, the region is vulnerable to falling trees, particularly with moderate wind, which could cause trees to topple over.
Both O&R and Con Edison caution residents not to attempt to move power lines if trees fall on them, as the lines may be live. Residents are advised to report any power outages to their respective utility companies.