Veterans grill congressional candidate Hall on Vietnam draft deferment

Issues concerning veterans dominated the race in the 19th Congressional District Thursday as Democratic candidate John Hall toured the VA hospital in Montrose.
Hall was joined by California Congressman Bob Filner, the ranking Democrat on the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Outside the hospital, the pair met with veterans who questioned Hall about his medical draft deferment during the Vietnam War. Hall explained he had a rib near his heart removed in high school. Hall says he wants the hospital to be fully funded and fully utilized. Hall say there are too many empty buildings.
However, Hall?s opponent, Congresswoman Sue Kelly (R-Katonah) had her share of support among the veterans. One Kelly supporter says the congresswoman has shown she cares about the men and women who have served in the military. Kelly was forced to defend herself when Filner accused her of voting against increasing money to fund veterans. Kelly says Filner has the same record as she does. Kelly added the Montrose VA hospital is there because of the work she has done to keep it running.