Veterans in New Rochelle pour Russian vodka down the drain in support of Ukraine

Veterans in New Rochelle are taking a stand against the invasion of Ukraine by symbolically destroying a product with Russian origins.
Veterans at the American Legion post 8 in New Rochelle are pouring bottles of Russian-made vodka down the drain.
Post 8 Commander Dennis Starr says he could not just sit back and watch what was happening.
"We thought we'd do a symbolic gesture of dumping the Russian vodka down the drain to show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people," Starr says.
It's a group effort as patrons and post members joins forces to send a message.
For retired Army Colonel Richard Gulley, who served in eastern Europe and who has visited Kyiv, the unprovoked war in Ukraine is very personal.
"We're making a voice and we're saying, 'Hey Putin, stop!,'" Gulley says.
Future plans are still in the talking stages, but Starr says they plans to send money and clothing to the people of Ukraine.