Village of Mamaroneck appoints first female police chief

Lt. Sandra DiRuzza will be sworn in next month as the first female chief in the history of the village of Mamaroneck.
DiRuzza calls it a “historic moment,” as she assumes her new role on a provisional basis. She will be the fourth female chief in Westchester County's history. “It represents hard work, it represents knowing my value,” says DiRuzza. News 12 is told Lt. DiRuzza was born and raised in Mamaroneck and has spent almost 17 years climbing the ranks.
She says community service is what led her here all these years.
“I was in the corporate world when 9/11 happened and I reflected on my life and what I could do to make a difference and to help people and that's what led me here,” says DiRuzza.
One of the things DiRuzza says she’ll bring to the table is empathy. She believes it’s something often lacking in police work. “I'd like to do more community engagement, more community night out our events…so the residents can see our officers in a different setting.”
While she breaks barriers to be a different kind of chief, she doesn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea, saying in part, “never take kindness for weakness.”
DiRuzza knows the job will be tough, but she hopes to leave an imprint on the department – one that will hopefully inspire other females in law enforcement to aim for the stars.
“I would say for any female to continue to work hard, believe in yourself and know your value,” says DiRuzza.