Voters have options to make their choice count in 2020 elections

COVID-19 has kept us from doing a lot of things this year, but exercising our right to vote is something no virus can take away.
But before you go marching to your local polling place, or digging for stamps, you'll need to make sure you're registered.
Depending on where you live, deadlines may have already passed. New York’s final day to register was Oct. 9. Today is the final day in New Jersey. Those living in Connecticut have until Oct. 27 to register.
If you've voted before and haven't changed your address, you are all set to vote.
In-person voting
This means you can go to your local polling place, show your ID and cast your ballot.
In New Jersey, however, you’ll have to cast a paper provisional ballot if you choose to vote in person.  And that vote will only be counted after it's confirmed you didn’t also vote by mail.
Mail-in ballots
In some states, such as New Jersey, a ballot will automatically be sent to your home.
Once completed, it can be dropped in a United States Postal Service mailbox or dropped off at polling place on Election Day.
Connecticut sent out absentee ballots to registered voters.
The absentee ballot is an option usually reserved for those who are sick or away from home on Election Day.
This year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to allow voters to request one, due to COVID-19 concerns.