Wallkill girls soccer player accused of socking opponent in jaw

Good sportsmanship was lacking when instead of a handshake, police say a Wallkill girls varsity soccer player punched a player from the opposing team in the face.
Police were called to the varsity girls section 9 class "A" quarterfinals at Cornwall High School Tuesday night. According to police, witnesses say 16-year-old Jasmine Crespi punched 17-year-old Ashley Thorpe, from Cornwall, during the postgame handshake. When police arrived, Thorpe was on her way to the hospital and Crespi had left the field. After police say they threatened to issue an arrest warrant, Crespi?s parents brought her in and she was arraigned Wednesday.
Thorpe suffered a broken jaw, which required surgery. Crespi is due back in court next week and is charged with second-degree assault. Crespi is being charged as an adult and could face jail time if convicted. Officials are trying to figure out what the altercation was about.