Wallkill Town supervisor's race ends in tie; candidates head to court to dispute votes

Republican incumbent George Serrano and Democratic challenger Neil Meyer are deadlocked.

Ben Nandy

Nov 29, 2023, 11:30 PM

Updated 232 days ago


Some Orange County politicians hope the still-undecided election for Wallkill Town supervisor will improve voter confidence and inspire more people to vote.
Republican incumbent George Serrano and Democratic challenger Neil Meyer are deadlocked.
The initial vote count following the Nov. 7 election was 1,910 votes for each candidate.
A recount that ended Monday ended similarly, except that Serrano is contesting two votes for Meyer and Meyer is challenging one additional vote which, was not originally counted, and might be for Serrano.
Orange County elections commissioners could end the election with a final decision on the contested votes on Friday, but legal action over the three ballots may prolong it.
"This is so rare. We don't see ties very often," Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Zak Constantine said in a Zoom interview Wednesday.
Many local politicos are still unclear on what would happen if, after the recount and legal battles, the race were to still end in a tie.
Multiple sources have told News 12 that in the case of a tie, the new Wallkill Town Board would install an interim supervisor and wait for Gov. Kathy Hochul to schedule a new special election later in 2024.
"I hope that as everyone awaits the results of this race, they do reflect on the work that their local elected officials do," Constantine said. "This election, in particular, demonstrates that every vote really does count. We don't just say that."
Neither Serrano nor the Orange County Republican Committee returned calls from News 12 seeking comment.
Meyer declined an interview on his attorney's advice.'
The county's Democratic and Republican elections commissioners were not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

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