Warwick baker says Hanukkah cookie post sparked death threats, hundreds of hateful comments 

A Warwick baker says she got death threats for posting a photo of her holiday cookies for Hanukkah. 
Shannon Cheevers, who owns Shannon’s Eyes on the Pies on Pine Island Turnpike, says she posted a picture of the star-shaped cookies, dipped in chocolate with blue sprinkles, on her business Facebook page for the holiday last week with the words “Happy Hanukkah!” in the post. 
Cheevers is not Jewish but says she bakes cookies and cakes for all holidays for her customers, regardless of their religion. She says she’s posted about the Hanukkah cookies every year without incident since she opened six years ago. This year, she got several unexpected and disturbing reactions. 
“They said they were going to come and kill me and they called me a Jewish [expletive],” says Cheevers. 
The baker says she hundreds of similar hate-filled messages from people she doesn’t know. 
“I didn’t do anything wrong, and people want to come and kill me for it. It’s sad,” says Cheevers. 
One message shown to News 12 says, “I don’t need anything from you [expletive] Jews people. I’m here to say hail Hitler.” 
Cheevers says she’s concerned for her safety but won’t let the hate-filled messages keep her from celebrating all holidays and religions through her confections. 
“Happy Hanukkah, merry Christmas, happy Kwanza. Happy whatever. Just happy is all I want,” Cheevers says. 
More cookies for other holidays are also available for sale in the store. 
Cheevers says she reported the comments and threats to police.