‘We need to listen and understand:’ Pew Research finds Americans divided over COVID-19 vaccine

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center found that 60% of Americans say they would definitely or probably get the COVID-19 vaccine, while 40% say they are not likely.
The statistics are alarming for officials hoping a vaccine will produce herd immunity. "Mathematically that doesn’t work," says Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "You need 75% population to take it for it to be effective.”
New York Medical College Dr. Robert Amler says public health officials and community groups have their work convincing Americans to get the vaccine cut out from them. “We need to listen and understand what possible stumbling blocks people feel or what hesitation they feel,” says Dr. Amler.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced its plans to spend $250 million on educating the public about coronavirus vaccines.
The New York Medical College official also points out the obvious reasons many people still need to be convinced, saying in part, “We have to have the right stuff in the bottle to give peopleBut if they don't get the word, they don't get the message and they don't hear it in terms they can accept and understand, they are going to be hesitant.”