We’re Open: Shadee’s Jamaican takeout restaurant in Riverhead

You don't have to hop on a plane to enjoy authentic Jamaican food.
From the classic curry goat, to sweet potato muffin with coconut – the authentic food is served up at Shadee's, a Jamaican takeout restaurant in Riverhead.
Shane Hope bounced around the metro area when he first came to the United States from his native Jamaica.     
He worked in a family member's Jamaican restaurant in the Bronx, then decided to open his own. He chose Riverhead. “It was quiet, peaceful and everything. There was no Jamaican restaurants around here, so I thought that would probably be a good thing to do,” says Hope. Shane, his wife Dion and even their grandchildren all take part in serving the unique flavors of his native land. “He's come up with a signature spicy barbecue and the pork ribs are becoming a Jamaican style staple in here,” days Dion.