Weather on the Road: Matt Hammer takes in the fall beauty at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Matt Hammer is taking in the fall beauty Friday at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard in North Salem.
The farm is holding a magical walk-through light experience for the holiday season. The Festival of Lights is being held from Nov. 17 to Dec. 31. Click here to learn more, and get tickets.
Full Interview with Greg Rotter about the farm:
Farm manager Greg Rotter breaks down what to expect when apple picking:
Greg Rotter reflects on what makes the farm so special:
Greg Rotter says the farm has dozens of different varieties of pumpkins:
Todd Stevens, the vegetable production director and operations manager, explains his role on the farm:
Event coordinator Emma Brassem talks about what to expect at the fall festival:
Todd Stevens discusses the farm that's filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables:
Hardscrabble Cider manager Alex Pokorne talks about crafting cider and having local spirits:
Alex Pokorne explains the process of creating craft ciders: