We're Open: Central Park Dance

The rhythm is back at Central Park Dance, although it's not quite like it used to be.
The dance studio was shut down back on March 14. For a short time, co-owner Maria Bai wasn't sure if her doors would open again. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight. She converted CPD into a virtual studio with the help of her children.
"Luckily, this is a family-owned business and my children have stepped in and they put everything on, created the virtual platform," Bai said. "We have 250 classes a week, we're open seven days a week."
When Gov. Andrew Cuomo allowed them to reopen, that meant spacing out the dance floor, buying high tech air filtration systems, creating health questionnaires, and adding daily temperature checks.
"Luckily for us, we have a facility that accommodates all of this," she said.
And now that they're able to teach in-person classes, they can get back to doing what they do best.
"This industry, dancers are resilient. And very creative," says Bai.
Central Park Dance is doing whatever they can to accommodate their dancers. They have classes held outdoors in their large back parking lot, classes that they have been offering via Zoom since March. Classes indoors are with eight FDA-approved air filtration systems.
Finally, they're willing to come to the dancers.
"We do have to take mask breaks," she said. "Everyone is welcome here, everyone can dance."