West Farms residents: City is overlooking constant trash complaints

Residents in the West Farms section of the Bronx say they are tired of the constant littering in their streets. 
Residents say the intersection of East 179th Street and Honeywell Avenue has been ridden with litter for nearly two years.
Samantha White, a local resident, says she's filed numerous 311 complaints, but hasn't seen much improvement. While she believes the community should work together to keep the streets clean, she also feels this neighborhood has been overlooked by the city.
"This is a community problem as well, because we should keep the place where we live clean, but sanitation has a job to do, and it seems like they're overlooking it. They come up and down this block everyday, how could you not see this?" she said.
The Department of Sanitation tells News 12 they have a team investigating the trash situation in the area and they would like to remind everyone that littering in New York City can have fines starting at $4,000.