Westchester businessman who cofounded cannabis company throws 4/20 party after legalization

To mark the unofficial 4/20 "holiday" that's celebrated in cannabis culture, a Westchester businessman threw an April 20 marijuana party.
Vladimir Bautista is one of the founders of Happy Munkey, a company for cannabis in New York.
He says they've been throwing parties in secret for years.
On Tuesday, they were celebrating a party in downtown Manhattan now that marijuana is legal in New York.
"Tonight, we will have lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, people from the highest level of society who consume cannabis, and this does not make you lazy. This could be a positive impact for the community and society," says Bautista.
Bautista hopes this is the start of a new chapter in their business, whether it's eventually applying with the state to establish a dispensary or a consumption lounge -- or to throw more parties.