Westchester County Youth Bureau hosts first Youth Medtech Conference

Over 200 hard-working students filled up Mercy University's Westchester campus for its first-ever Youth MedTech Conference.
"We have a changing world, and we want to make sure our young people are prepared for high growth industries," said Dr. DaMia Harris-Madden, who serves as the bureau's executive director.
Officials from Westchester County's Youth Bureau said the conference was designed to give students a chance to learn more about industries that combine medicine and tech.
"I'm interested in becoming a neurosurgeon,” Alek, a student, told News 12. “I'm hoping that I can talk to like professionals in that branch of a career and I can learn about how that career operates."
To give them exposure to different MedTech career paths, students participated in a variety workshops. Students also had a chance to listen to several panel discussions from key industry professionals, like Bridget Gibbons, who serves as Westchester County's director of economic development.
"Youth is the future and I want to make sure that they're exposed to the opportunities in Westchester County," Gibbons said.
Today's event was also hosted in partnership with Sister to Sister International and Mercy University's STEP program. Many students who attended the conference are currently enrolled in the STEP program.
"I do need a little bit more help in science and technology. I thought it would really be fun for me," Adrian, a STEP program student, said.