Westchester, Hudson Valley residents reflect on the passing of a president

People in Westchester and the Hudson Valley are joining the nation in mourning the passing of former President Gerald R. Ford, who died Tuesday at the age of 93.
Ford assumed the presidency in 1974 during a time of turmoil after Richard Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal. A month later, Ford, in a controversial decision, pardoned Nixon. That decision may have cost him the chance of ever actually being elected to the office. During his 29-month presidency Ford had to deal with a tough economy that at one point had a 12 percent inflation rate. Two assassination attempts were made on his life while he was the 38th president.
Professor Jeanne Zaino, chair of the political science department at Iona College in New Rochelle, says Ford will be remembered most for helping the country get through Watergate and pardoning Nixon. Zaino adds Ford?s naming as the vice president and his ascension to the presidency say a lot about his commitment to the country.
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