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Westchester launches campaign to encourage workers to get vaccinated by Labor Day

County Executive George Latimer says the goal is to encourage the entire county workforce to get vaccinated by Labor Day.

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Jul 30, 2021, 9:42 PM

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Westchester County launched a new campaign Friday aimed at getting more workers vaccinated against COVID-19.
The New campaign is called "Just the Facts: We're Vaxed."
County Executive George Latimer says the goal is to encourage the entire county workforce to get vaccinated by Labor Day. The county is also reestablishing a mandatory mask mandate for most county facilities.
The announcement was made as the delta variant continues to sweep across the country with confidential Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documents showing its just as contagious as chickenpox.
Internal CDC documents obtained by the Washington Post not only say that the delta variant is more dangerous than the original strain, but it has a longer transmission window, and may even make older people sicker.
The confidential CDC document also says delta is more transmissible than the common cold, the 1918 Spanish flu, smallpox, Ebola and SARS. And delta is surging among the unvaccinated.
And delta is surging among the unvaccinated, which has prompted some to finally get vaccinated.
At the Westchester County Center Friday, there was a steady flow of people going in every few minutes to get their shots. While the turnout was nowhere near as it was first observed during the beginning of the vaccine rollout, one person after another went inside the center. People News 12 spoke to said they knew this shouldn't be pushed off anymore.
"I was a little nervous. People were getting a little sick," said Yonkers resident Michael Detone, who explained he got vaccinated for work.
"I think it was the best thing for me and everyone around me. Plus, I wanted to travel," said Danny Hughes, of White Plains.
Others added that it was the best thing to do because of the variant and because they believe there will be an uptick of the virus in the fall.
Meantime, data shows that there was a huge dip in vaccinations in early July, but the threat of the highly contagious delta variant, coupled with impending COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates, are bringing vaccinations up.
In a 24-hour period, over 84,000 people were vaccinated in New York, that's more than the previous three days combined.
Over the next 30 days, Latimer and the Westchester County health commissioner will try to get more of the county workforce vaccinated by answering their questions about the vaccine rather than mandate it.
"I think what we're doing makes sense. If we get the same lack of response that we may have right now on their own merit, then we always have the right to move to a more severe mandate," Latimer said.
Westchester County also reinstituted a number of COVID-19 restrictions. The mask mandate is back for most county facilities. For residents who go to one of the pools or beaches this weekend, masks will be required in common areas like locker rooms, concession stands and bathrooms, regardless of vaccination status.
Policies for Rye Playland will also be coming soon.
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