Westchester officials say they have enough staff to full open county-run beaches this season

Westchester's two county-run beaches will officially open for the season this weekend, and Westchester officials say they have enough staff to fully open. 
Westchester County Parks First Deputy Commissioner Peter Tartaglia says while they've struggled the past two years to recruit enough lifeguards, they went into this year with a plan.
"We've also changed the way we recruit. It's really a year-round recruitment. For example, we had a holiday party for our existing lifeguards in December. We had prizes and games and we asked them to bring a friend," he says. 
The county has also utilized social media, useful in targeting the age group that this seasonal line of work attracts, which is 15 and older.
New York City only has about one-third of the lifeguards needed to staff beaches and pools this summer.
Westchester County also has four public pools. They will open for the season on June 23.
While there are enough lifeguards on hand, the parks commissioner says they are always looking for more.