Westchester unveils programs to help those in financial need due to COVID-19

Westchester is unveiling a few new programs that could help people who have been having trouble paying their rent or mortgage because of the pandemic.
The first program involves helping renters who live in buildings with between four and 20 units. It works with landlords and pays them 75% of the rent owed for up to four months. The other 25% is either forgiven or they work out a payment plan. There is $10 million available, so officials think they can help up to 2,400 families.
The next program is a foreclosure prevention for homeowners who lost their jobs - there's $2.5 million available for them.
A third program is an eviction prevention program for those not covered by the first program. That would include, for example, people who live in an apartment building with more than 20 units.
The fourth program is rental assistance specifically for people whose jobs either disappeared or just came back with phase four of reopening. This would include, for example, people who work in movie theaters, fitness centers or bowling alleys. There is help for up to 100 families for up to a year. However, those renters must live in consortium communities.
News 12 tried to go to the website westchestergov.com/housinghelp and couldn't get on, likely because the server has been inundated with people.
The deadline to apply is Oct. 15.