What's Cooking: Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace's St. Joseph Pastry

Chef Francesco Mosca, of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, shows News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to make a St. Joseph Pastry.

News 12 Staff

Mar 6, 2024, 12:43 PM

Updated 81 days ago



½ cup water
¼ cup shortening
¼ tsp salt
2.5 oz flour
3ea. whole eggs
¼ cup powdered sugar
1 lb. pastry cream
6 ea. Amarena cherries
3 qt vegetable oil (for frying)


Dough Mix
1. Start by combining water, Vegetable Shortening and salt in a pot placed over medium heat and bring to a boil.
2. Reduce the heat to low and add all flour at once.
3. Using a Spatula, mix until the dough comes together in a smooth ball.
4. Continue mixing and cooking on low heat for a few minutes.
5. Transfer the dough into a stand mixer.
6. Using a paddle attachment, beat the dough for a couple of minutes to let the dough cool.
7. Once the dough is cool start beating in the eggs one at a time.
8. Add the next egg ONLY once the previous one has been completely incorporated.
9. Once all eggs are fully incorporated, remove the dough from the stand mixer and place in a piping bag with a star tip and set aside.
How To Fry
1. Preheat vegetable oil to 375F in a deep pot.
2. Cut out 3-inch squares of parchment paper, brush one side of the square with vegetable oil. Pipe the dough on each square forming a circle.
3. Dip squares in hot oil a few at a time. The paper will separate from the dough in the hot oil.
4. Remove the paper using tongs. Fry the dough until lightly brown.
5. Transfer on to a paper towel lined pan to absorb any excess oil and let cool.
1. Cut each pastry in half.
2. Fill a piping bag with pastry cream.
3. Pipe pastry cream on the bottom half, cover with top half and pipe another swirl of pastry cream on the top.
4. Decorate with cherries and dust with powdered sugar.

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