Whistleblower in Newburgh school forgery scandal alleges retaliation for speaking up

A whistleblower in an Orange County school forgery scandal has now filed a lawsuit against the district, claiming he and his son faced retaliation for coming forward.
Newburgh Board of Education member Darren Stridiron testified in a 2019 grand jury proceeding that found that the Newburgh School District forged student athletes' grades and attendance records for years.
Stridiron says that as a result, the district administration took away his son’s valedictorian status last year, while interfering with his college application and scholarships.
“This is a pattern of abuse and bullying by the superintendent and leadership of the school board over many years, but specifically related to the district attorney’s report and retaliation," alleges Stridiron. 
No criminal charges were filed because of the grand jury’s report, and a state audit into the school has been delayed by COVID-19.
Asked for comment by News 12, the Newburgh School District said, "The district does not think it is appropriate to comment on pending litigation. The matter has been referred to the district's legal counsel who will respond in court.”